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Who We Are 

Perimeter Property Services is a property management company based out of Atlanta Georgia. Founded by three local partners with over 25 years of real estate experience, PPS is uniquely equipped to assist you with your residential real estate needs. The owners are licensed agents and real estate investors - experience and expertise that allows you to maximize the return on your real estate investments.


Property Management

Perimeter Property Services manages residential real estate in the metro-Atlanta area ranging from A to C class assets. We have experience managing both single family and multifamily properties. As property owners themselves, the Partners at Perimeter Property Services know how to approach management from the lens of an owner, allowing you to maximize the potential of your portfolio.


Real Estate Transactions

 Perimeter Property Services is owned by three licensed real estate agents in the state of Georgia. The owners have experience working with a wide range of clients including residential purchasers, part-time investors and large, multi-billion dollar hedge funds. Perimeter Property Services will be able to assist you in both growing your portfolio as well as divesting assets as needed.


Rehab and Construction

Perimeter Property Services has strong partnerships with multiple contractors and specialists in the rehab and construction space. We will be able to bring together a team to assist you with everything from your large renovation projects to your small maintenance and work orders.


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