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Tools, Services & Partnerships at PPS


PPS has a variety of tools and services to make sure our owners / clients have the best management experience.



Appfolio is the property management software that we use to manage the ins and outs of our properties. It allows for all parties (tenants, vendors, owners, managers) to have a view into the status of the property. As a manger, we can:

  • Collect online rent and distribute payments to owners online - no need to knock door to door to collect checks.

  • Provide over 20 real time reports (these reports can be run by us) to view the status of the property in real-time. Some examples of these reports include delinquency reports, cash flow statements, rent rolls, and work order history.

  • Send owners annual tax related statements and monthly owners statements

  • Communicate via email or text with tenants and vendors who prefer that method of communication

  • Send out mass communication to tenants as needed

  • Track all documentation related to a tenant / property in a single, cloud-based location so that you do not have to worry about locating them on your computer / or rifling through paper files

  • Review and decline / approve (and dispatch) work orders

  • Receive maintenance requests from tenants

  • Send and manage applications as well as credit and criminal background check



For our properties where the tenants are not responsible for lawn care, we use a service called TaskEasy.  With TaskEasy, we can manage and maintain lawn care for multiple properties through an online portal. TaskEasy manages seasonality and adjusts frequency during the year to minimize expenses while properly maintaining properties



While not ideal, tenants can end up in a pinch when it comes time for rent to be paid.  We understand that people can fall on hard financial times, which is why we partner with a company called Till. Till encourages positive resident behaviors such as paying rent on time and renewing lease agreements through a cash-based incentive program. They also offer low-cost rental loans and financial education to tenants to help them become more financially independent, which should ultimately result in a more reliable tenant. Till has a company mission to reverse the negative effects caused by the predatory loan space.


National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)

While we have over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, we may encounter unique situations we do not have all the answers to. Because of this, we pay to be members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). NARPM is the gold-standard of the residential property management industry and provides resources for property managers (discussion boards, updates on industry legislation, etc).


Planet Synergy

There is never enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done. That is why we have partnered with an outsourcing company to make sure that PPS is working 24 hours a day. Planet Synergy is an offshore partner, with a local point of contact in Atlanta, that helps us with administrative tasks while we are sleeping. We oversee and review all of the team's work, but this partner allows us to focus on the more pressing, strategic activities that need to take place during the day. Examples of this would be processing a bill that was already owner approved or uploading a lease that was executed by a tenant into our Appfolio software.



Properly / quickly handling work orders is one one of the most critical items for a property. To make sure that we are handling this with 100% efficiency we have partnered with a group called Supertenders, who assist us with ensuring that someone will answer a work order call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tenants will always have a place to report issues with their property, no matter the day or time

Each employee at Supertenders has taken over 100 individual hours of training on how to handle not only general work order processing, but maintenance issues as well. That means that the person answering the phone knows how to talk a tenant through potentially fixing an issue themselves to prevent a service charge to the owners.

PPS has provided Supertenders with a list of what is an emergency and what is not and they have specific triage instructions on how to handle items accordingly. For example - if an oven isn't working at 7pm, that work order will wait until the following day (assuming SuperTenders cannot triage over the phone) so that we can send a vendor during normal business hours and avoid incurring after hours premiums. In contrast, If there is an active leak from an upstairs apartment at 10pm, with a potential to cause extensive property damage or impact tenant safety, someone will be dispatched ASAP.